What I want to learn from this course – Session 1

At the moment I feel quite worried about the course after being introduced to the assessment because I have not got much background knowledge on the different strands of the assessment, for example, the VLE project. Therefore, from this course I would like to learn a lot more about this as I have never heard of it before. I would also like to learn more about the wiki, as although I have briefly heard about wiki on the news, I still have not got a clue what it is! What is a MOOC?! I have never heard of this before either, I am intrigued to learn a lot more about these things in the future sessions of this course.

I am interested to broaden my knowledge on how I can use the internet safely in primary schools to develop children’s learning, which I can bring with me to primary school in the future, and also find out about what the government initiatives are in regards to using the web in primary schools.

I am also looking forward to creating a web based learning project for learning as I have previously created a web page back when I was in secondary school, so having this little experience will hopefully help and support me in creating this project this year!


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