Session 1- Aubrey Smith (2007) ‘A Virtual Learning Environment: Led and Loved by Infants’

Aubrey Smith (2007)

The first thing that happily surprised me was that 100% of the parents that had access to the Internet at home had said that they would like to try the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and support their children with the online homework provision. This shocked me as I thought that some parents would generally not feel comfortable using ICT to help their children with work at home.

 I loved the fact that one parent had said that her child had asked for more homework after completing the task that had been set! I also thought that from the research that had been conducted, it had shown that some children were even doing the same task more than once which I thought was quite funny. This proves that the VLE and the submission of homework online is obviously an efficient and effective method of doing homework- I would definitely like to try this method when I have a class of my own.

 I find it quite sad that some children were unable to carry out their homework activities because their parents or guardians were not supporting their children with the task! If I were to carry this out in my own classroom I would try to promote the VLE as much as possible to parents and explain the benefits to them as much as I could. I would also try to speak to the parents that were not engaging with this. Having regular contact with parents and giving them the information they need to support their children is vital! I also understand that some children cannot get access to the Internet once they are at home, so I think that providing these children the time to do these activities during or after school is a very good idea.

 I like the fact that teachers are able to post resources and information about the lessons they had taught in the classroom on the VLE for children to go back and recap on if they would like to. Being able to post children’s work on the VLE for parents to look at is also great because some work may often get lost or broken once they reach home!

 I am excited to start the VLE project because I can take a lot from this specific course into school with me in the future, and help to teach teachers and parents in using the VLE confidently to support the children.  


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