Session 5- Gillespie, H et al (2007) Chapter 6: Task, Tests and Feedback

I have never really thought about setting up a task for the more-able students in the Year 1 class. Now that I have read this chapter I think that I should include a task for these children in the future. This could be an activity from phase 6 of letters and sounds or an activity based on tricky words which will challenge them. For the less abled children and for EAL children in Year 1 I have included visual resources such as images to support the text (although I need to include more images around my VLE). I think the activities provided on my VLE such as quizzes, will support the less abled children and they will hopefully not be too challenging for them.

I have provided links to different resources by linking phonics games to my VLE. Hopefully, I will also have resources available for children to download and be able to print off to complete in their own time, for example, if they are going somewhere where they are unable to access the Internet.

I think being able to change the language of the VLE is a fantastic idea to support the EAL children in completing the tasks on the VLE which is unfortunately not a feature I can use on my own VLE. However, I can also see a negative side to this whereby EAL children are not developing their skills in the English language if they are given tasks in their home language.

I think formative assessment is very important for children’s development. Therefore I have included comment boxes for the teacher to write a comment in after the children have completed a quiz. This means that children can gain formative feedback which is discrete as they will only be able to see it when they are logged in, and it also allows children to take control of their learning by following the targets or next steps stated by the teacher. I have also included a chance for children to receive summative feedback when they complete a quiz as the children will receive a mark and a percentage of what their result is.

If I used a VLE with quizzes in the future when I have my own class, I would set deadlines for the quizzes as this will give motivation to the children to complete them and I will also be able to see which children have not completed the quizzes in the designated time I chose.


The Fun They Had: Isaac  Asimov

I thought this reading was quite interesting in the sense that when it was written, the author probably had no idea what impact computers and technology would have on the world in the future. However I do believe that having computers to teach children at home is definitely wrong and not a good idea! This is because children would probably spend the majority of their time indoors and would rely on a computer to teach them, not a human being. Children would not be able to socialise with other children or participate in social constructivist learning if they were always learning on their own. I believe that computers and technology are very positive learning resources but not to the point where they become “teachers”!




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