Session 6- Becta (2010) ‘Assessment Using Technology’ and Jimmy Wales Ted Talk; ‘The Birth of Wikipedia’

Becta (2010)
I believe that if teachers are encouraged and expected to use technology to integrate assessment into every day learning, they need to be effectively taught how to do so and given the time to set it up as well. In my opinion, I believe that these assessment strategies are most suitable for children in KS2 because the children are more likely to understand the assessment to their own learning if they are reading it from a screen independently compared to children in KS1. However, if teachers would integrate this sort of approach to children in KS1, I think that teachers should only be giving out summative assessment to these young children in a way that is easily understood, and provide formative assessment, if necessary, by directly explaining it to the children in person. In addition, I think that if these strategies are provided for children in KS1 it would be highly beneficial that the children’s parents are 100% knowledgeable and involved in it as well. This means that the parents are able to explain the things that the children in KS1 cannot understand when they are accessing the online tool from home because at such a young age, you cannot expect them to understand everything that is given to them online without the support from a more knowledgeable other.

The Birth of Wikipedia Video
Jimmy Wales talks about how he has provided an online encyclopaedia which can be accessed to millions of people around the world due to the website being available in many different languages, which I think is very beneficial and a great tool for people to use. However, I believe that this online encyclopaedia is not a reliable source for people to access and gain 100% correct information. This is due to the freedom of anyone being able to access the information and edit it, which I think is a good idea because people are able to add their own information and build on other people’s information, but like I said, the information may not be reliable!
I think the whole idea of having an online collaborative place for people to access and input their ideas and information would be a great activity for a school project/ activity for children to do during the school holidays, for example. I would definitely like to try this out in my own class if I were teaching a class in KS2 where they would have more knowledge and understanding of using technology and computing.. I would choose a topic and ask the children in my class to access the online wiki and contribute their information which they have researched, or their ideas, to produce an information page about the topic, and then look at it when they arrive back from the school holidays. Tyson and Pugh (2012) suggest the giving children the opportunity to collaboratively create content on their own online wikis allows children to reach out to other audiences and gives children the experience to then be able to work with other pupils around the world. Having students using collaborative tools that allows them to develop and enrich online content enhances the authoring experience for both the teacher and the students. This is from Chapter 4 of Primary ICT Across the Curriculum.


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