ICT on my First Placement in Year 2

During my first placement in Year 2 I was in a Year 1 class. The school had one ICT suite which was situated in the library and the children in my class did not use this once whilst I was on placement. However, the children had access to laptops in the classroom which the teacher planned to use them, which was two times, and these were for particular groups of children to do an activity, and not the whole class. The teacher did admit that ICT was one of his weaker subjects and he was not confident teaching this area of the curriculum.

I used the laptops a few times during my lessons, and again these were for particular ability groups to do their specific activities during my lesson. For example, for an English lesson, I got the lower, middle ability group to use the laptops to construct sentences about a book they have been working on, using a programme called Clicker 5. These children enjoyed using the laptops during this lesson and had no trouble with using the programme.

I also gave the laptops to the children in the highest ability group for my geography lesson. These children researched information about the country Greece, and then typed this information onto Microsoft Word which was then stuck in their books.

However, I did use the laptops for one ICT lesson, which were given out to children to use in pairs, and this was the only ICT lesson which was taught for the whole 4 weeks I was there! I planned my ICT lesson based on a book the children had been working on that week for English which was ‘Traction Man’. This automatically had the children’s interest as they really enjoy reading that book and love all of the characters! For my lesson, I wanted the children to use the programme ‘2CreateaSuperstory’ to create a scene from the ‘Traction Man’ story. I demonstrated this on the IWB before sending children off to complete this activity in pairs. The objective of the lesson was to create a scene from the story, including animation and sound to their images or drawings. I was very surprised to see how successful children were at completing this task and every pair has used animation, and the vast majority of the class had used sound to create their scene. I was also very pleased at how engaged and on-task the children were during my lesson, and they all seemed to really enjoy it; the children were very excited to present their animated scene which they had created. 

When I go back to the school for my second placement, I will be very intrigued to see if the class teacher teaches any ICT lessons. However, I am looking forward to teaching more ICT lessons next time as the children and myself thoroughly enjoyed it! 



2 thoughts on “ICT on my First Placement in Year 2

  1. Yes! I thought this was very unfair that the children only had one ICT lesson in four weeks. Who knows how long they would have gone without an ICT lesson from their class teacher if I did not deliver that ICT lesson to them whilst I was there. I was pleasantly surprised to see how competent a lot of the children were in completing my activity, after only modelling it for them once on the IWB. However I do believe that the children should be exposed to more technology and ICT lessons during school to develop their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

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