BETT (2014)

Last week I attended the BETT show, 2014. I was overwhelmed with the number of people that attended, and particularly the number of stalls there were to visit! I made sure to walk around the whole room to see all of the stalls which were available, and stopped off at the ones I thought would be beneficial to me as a trainee teacher. 

One of the stalls which particularly stood out was the ‘Frog’ stall. Frog provide education technology for schools and they enable teachers to create a personal learning experience for every student, and it allows parents to see exactly where their children are on their learning journey. It is an integrated system which combines different platforms of education for children, teachers, and parents, onto one system. I think it looks like a fantastic educational resource to use in schools. It looks easy to navigate, it is appealing to the eye and it is very helpful in managing every day school responsibilities. 

Another stall I looked at was the Espresso stall. This particularly caught my eye because the school I had attended for my last placement used Espresso, and I thought it was a very effective resource to use in the primary classroom. It provides teachers with engaging resources to use in lessons, and it provides educational resources for children across all the key stages. The woman we spoke to at the Espresso stall explained that Espresso is forever updating along with the National Curriculum, and they have just added ‘computing’ to Espresso to compliment the new 2014 curriculum. I think this is a great idea and tool to use, especially for the teachers who are unsure and who are not confident in teaching computing to children. The woman went on to explain that Espresso is allowing all schools to use a free trial of computing and coding until September, 2014. Therefore I will definitely make sure the school I went to for placement are aware of this, and I will be able to use it when I go back for my second placement. Furthermore, after seeing the Espresso stall and gaining more information about Espresso, I feel more excited to use it when I have my own class. This is because you have access to information videos and games which are great for starters or plenaries and other multimedia elements which all compliment different subjects in the curriculum. However, to use Espresso the school has to pay for a subscription and I would try my best as an ICT specialist to ensure that happens!

Overall, I thought that attending the BETT show has broadened by thinking of technology and has interested me even more to use different technology for different purposes in school. I am looking forward to returning next year to gain some more ideas!


2 thoughts on “BETT (2014)

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  2. I found reading about your experience at BETT interesting. Do you think it helped or hindered us attending BETT as trainee teachers? Buckingham stated that BETT provides a ‘startling indication of the growing importance of technology companies within the education marketplace’ (2007:1). However, I personally don’t feel it made that big an impression on me. Do you think it would of been a different experience attending as qualified teachers with a motive or ambition to achieve whilst there?

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