Session 9 – Barriers to Learning Online

During this session we looked at e-safety in schools and discussed our experiences with e-safety whilst we have been on placement or at any other time in schools. During my second year placement my year 1 class were learning about e-safety each week during PSHCE. The teacher used the ‘Lee and Kim’ resource pack which provided a great video for children to watch, lesson plan ideas and resources to use during lessons. I feel that the children really enjoyed watching the video and they were all engaged, which enabled the children to learn about the e-safety rules effectively. I feel that when I go back to school, if I asked the children to tell me something about what they should not do on the Internet, I think every child would be able to tell me at least one thing!

During the session we looked at the BBC Bitesize resources for e-safety, and I think that BBC bitesize also provide great resources because they are tailored to specific year groups. Some of the videos also have songs which are catchy, which children can learn and remember for the future. 


Buckingham (2007)

This reading begins by addressing the amount of people who attend the BETT show, and this is something which definitely stood out when I attended last week. The first thing I noticed was the amount of people who were there- even at 10am, and I imagine it got even busier as the day went on! I also noticed how many foreign languages I could hear as I was walking around which goes to show how many people around the world travel to London to attend BETT. 

The reading goes on to suggest that teachers feel anxious when coming across new technology, and they will not incorporate the new technology into their teaching because the teachers feel as if they are unable to understand how to use it and it may become very overwhelming for them. Therefore as an ICT specialist I feel as if it is my role to support these teachers when I work in a school in the future- if teachers do not receive the training to use the different technology then teachers will not use them when teaching lessons. I feel as though most teachers may not meet the teachers standards, such as ‘plan and teach well structured lessons’ if they are not using engaging resources such as new technology to contribute to an engaging curriculum. When I attended the BETT show last week I saw and experienced how helpful the staff at the majority of the stalls were. They are willing to demonstrate the technology and give explanations and talk about their products in depth to help people to understand what the new technology is all about, how it improves classroom practice, and how to use it!

I enjoyed reading this chapter because, although I attended BETT before I read the chapter, I feel that it has given more more underlying information about BETT which I was unaware of before reading it. 


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