My experience with the course this year

I personally feel that I have learnt a lot from the course this year. Such things include knowing how to make a VLE for a class for a particular topic. I can take this knowledge and understanding and incorporate it in my career in the future by being able to create a whole school VLE or another class VLE for pupils, members of staff and parents/guardians to use. Without this course, I would not know the importance of a VLE in an educational setting and the skills required to be able to create one which I have learnt through lectures, readings and my own experience.

I have recently also learnt about the importance of video conferencing within educational settings and the benefits it can have on children during lessons. This is definitely something I would like to use in school to enhance children’s learning experiences. This resource is particularly useful as it covers many areas of the National Curriculum and gives children more confidence in social areas.

I have also gained more experience with blogging and learnt more benefits and uses for it within the primary classroom. This is also something which I would like to introduce to children if they have not already been introduced to it before. Blogging also has cross curricular links, such as with English, as children are writing for a purpose using technology.

From the lectures, I have learnt a range of ideas and teacher knowledge which I can take with me into placement and into my own class in the future. The importance of social constructivism within ICT has been one of the main aspects I have found most interesting as many of the ICT tools we have learnt about and had experience with have been a way for children to work with and support each other collaboratively. Such tools include wikis, blogging, VLES, websites and video conferencing.

I have also learnt about the importance of teaching children about e-safety and looked at different resources which teachers could use to highlight the importance, and the dangers, of using the internet. These resources included the Lee and Kim video and the BBC website, both I think are valuable resources which I would use in my own classroom.

Overall, I have really enjoyed the course this year and I believe I have benefitted from it a lot, mainly from the experience I have had in creating content for a primary classroom and the support I have gained from the lecturer and peers in my group. I will leave the course this year feeling confident in bringing these resources and aspects into school with me in the future.


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