VLE Feedback

VLE feedback front page

I have recently received feedback for my VLE:


I have not yet had a chance to update my VLE and make changes to it as of yet, but here are the steps I will take to improve my VLE by taking the feedback I have received on board.

1)Be careful with yellow as it can be hard to read at some contrasts.

I will change the colour yellow to a different colour or even change the type of yellow colour I use, e.g. a darker yellow, so it is easier to read.

2) Get images that are all the same style.

Peter pointed out that my images on the front page are all ‘cartoony’ apart from one (the books image) and this stood out to him. Therefore I will change the image and find a cartoon version of books to replace the original one.


3) Include an intro to the poem page to allow users to know what to do. Include the ow poem test.

Each page on my VLE will have an introduction which guides explains to the users what is on the page and what they have to do with the resources provided. Unfortunately I have not yet completed this for each page but I will make sure all of the pages has an introduction by the time I have finished!

4) Include graphemes.

This is a page I have already created, and I have now linked this page to my room.


5) Break up the alternative pronunciations page and the tricky words page with an activity.

I will think of an activity I can give to the children to break up the pronunciations page, the tricky words page and the graphemes page. I could provide an activity which could give a chance for children to interact and collaborate with one another. For example, to work with a partner to think of sentences with tricky words in them, typing these out into Microsoft Word and then uploading the document to the VLE page.

6) Make clear who the chat forums are for.


This is my chat forum page which is not yet completed. I will make it clear who the chat forum is for and I will also add more forums and opportunities for the children, parents and the teacher to communicate with one another or ask questions if they need support.

7) Include collaboration and another topic or a chance for children to upload work to allow for more interaction.

I have spoken about this on number 5, and have suggested a way in which I can give a chance for children to upload work to allow for more interaction.

9) Include differentiation.

I will include differentiation by including different tasks and/or quizzes for the different abilities of children my class consists of.

In conclusion, there are many changes and updates  I need to complete to enable my VLE to be a great learning resource for children in a Year 1 class to learn phonics.


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