Session 1 – Technology in Primary Education

During our first session of ICT specialism, we discussed how technology impacts the primary classroom and we also reflected on the use of technology during our BSE in Year 2.

Whilst on my BSE in Year 2 I was quick to realise that the use of ICT in the Year 1 classroom was not a regular activity. The class teacher would only usually give the laptops to a maximum of two groups during a lesson, and this was to use a programme to support writing sentences. I believe it did enhance pupils’ ability to write sentences, especially for the lower ability groups; Condie et al. (2007) believe that children’s attainment increases with the use of ICT in lessons as it can motivate and engage children with the activity they have been set. However I thought this was used too frequently and there was not enough variety in the use of technology for the children to encounter.

ICT in my classroom was not taught on a weekly basis which is what I presumed would have occurred. However, I was able to teach two consecutive ICT lessons which proved to be a success and I believe the children enjoyed them. The purpose of both lessons was to produce a multimedia story using ‘2Create A Superstory’. I planned a cross-curricular activity whereby children chose a scene from the story they were focusing on in literacy and created this on the software. From this, children practised creating settings, animating characters, giving those characters voices and sounds, and making them move using the action buttons to control the character.


I planned for children to work in pairs as I was aware that a lot of the children in my class would not understand how to use the software. Therefore I paired those children who were less able, with ones who I thought were more capable of using the software and were able to support their partner. If those children had more beneficial ICT lessons, I am sure the majority would have been capable to work individually. Furthermore, in my third year BSE I will make sure that I teach more ICT lessons to the pupils in my class to benefit their knowledge and understanding of using technology and the software that accompany it. Selwyn (2011) backs up my statement by suggesting that the use of ICT in the classroom is essential for children to learn the skills needed to become successful and employable in the future.


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