Session 7 – HTML

During this session we looked at Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML). I found out that this is used to describe the content and layout of a webpage. Throughout the session we looked at two different tools which could be used to teach HTML to children: these were X-Ray goggles and Mozilla Thimble. From my experience in trying these tools out, I would definitely use Mozilla Thimble with upper KS2 students and I would use X-Ray Goggles with lower KS2 students; or I would use it in a series of lessons to teach HTML whereby I would get children to use X-Ray Goggles first to edit a webpage, and then get the children to use Mozilla Thimble to create their own webpage.xray goggles pic

Whilst working with X-Ray Goggles I decided to edit a BBC webpage. I firstly included my name on the website and then I changed a picture of David Cameron.

xray goggles pic2

I found using X-Ray Goggles really easy as you did not have to enter code to edit the webpage. This is why I would use this before using Mozilla Thimble. I found using Mozilla Thimble quite challenging as you need to know the HTML code to be able to create and edit a webpage. Whilst using Mozilla Thimble I was able to create and edit text in various ways, and add images using code.

mozilla thimble

mozilla thimble2

mozilla thimble3

Mozilla’s Webmaker Whitepaper was an interesting read as it gave me more insight as to what Mozilla Thimble aims for and wants people to learn. Their aim is to help people to build on their web literacy by editing and creating technology, media and information which makes up the web. They have created a ‘Web Literacy Map’ which is a descriptive source for guidance on how to use the web made up of three main uses of the web: exploring, building and connecting. Teachers could use this as a guide whilst teaching pupils about the web and tick off the particular aspects they want children to work on and understand. I also agree with Mozilla whereby they believe that we learn through ‘doing’ and ‘creating’. For children to learn about the web, they should be able to create it, therefore using Mozilla Thimble is an efficient way of teaching children how to use HTML to create web pages.


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