Session 12 – Resources and Support

After reading ‘ICT buying advice for your school’ I have realised that a lot of time and thought needs to be put in to what to buy for a school; the products that are bought need to benefit the pupils and a lot of research must be done beforehand. This document will be very useful to me when I eventually (hopefully!) have responsibility as to what ICT provision will be bought for my school. If my school is on a strict budget, I have never thought about contacting local schools in the area to partner up with them on technology; this can be very cost effective and I will make sure I look into this in the future.

Luckin (2012) states that a large amount of money was spent on technology in schools in the last few years and there has been little evidence that this technology has improved teaching and learning. Therefore I believe that ICT coordinators and staff in schools really need to spend time to research about these technologies before spending money on them. I would make sure that I look into how they have been used in other schools previously and the impact they have had on pupils before buying to make sure that what I am buying will also have a positive influence on the pupils in my school. Additionally, another reason may be because teachers are unsure on how to use these technologies in the classroom to benefit pupils. This was definitely apparent in my last placement where LearnPads were bought for teachers to use in their classrooms, and only 3 out of 16 classes were using them! The reason for this being because the teachers were not confident to implement them into their lessons.

It was very interesting to look at the data about technology use and learning outcomes in primary schools. For example, the PISA, Spieza (2010) graph showed the impact technology had on science scores; pupils who used computers almost every day had a higher science score than the pupils who hardly ever used computers. This just goes to show how important it is to have technology in primary schools.



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