Session 14 – Innovation and the Future

Throughout our last ever lecture we discussed innovation and the future surrounding technology. It’s so interesting to think about and see all the new technology which is available to use in schools at this very moment in time, and how different technology in schools is compared to when I was at school! I love the fact that children these days are given a greater opportunity to explore and be creative with different technologies, for example, being able to create and program their own game or App. However, I do believe that if technology is ever changing and developing, teachers must keep up with it!! I believe it should be a top priority for teachers to stay updated and trained on new technology in order to teach the new computing curriculum effectively and engagingly. Robinson (2011) backs up my statement by suggesting that innovation is putting new ideas into practice; how are teachers supposed to do this if they are not educated enough about how technology works or how to implement good use of technology within their classrooms?

It was also interesting to see what different things people predict for technology in classrooms in the future. In the future I would like to see more money being spent on technology training for teachers who need it, and more schools investing in mobile technology in their classroom. I think both of these things would have a huge impact on pupils and on schools. In my placement school I would have liked to of seen more technology being used by the children, for example, using digital cameras and floor robots, and these are things which I would like to be using when I start my job there. However, I did like the use of the VLE in that school; pupils and teachers actively used the school’s VLE to blog to each other, share homework and also share photos about things they have done in and out of school.


Facer (2011) suggests that working alongside machines and depending on them in the future will become a ‘normal’ thing, however I feel as though this is already happening now. The way we depend on machines to deliver our teaching, for example, Interactive whiteboards, have been around since I was in primary school and I wouldn’t know what to do without one in my classroom! I remember starting my placement and freaking out when the Interactive whiteboard was down for a week and had to resort to using a whiteboard and whiteboard pen to deliver my lessons; I didn’t realise how much I depended on it beforehand! However I do not believe that machines will ever take the place of a class teacher, it just would never work!


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